Corecast #2: Nick Miller of Rara Avis

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This episode we start up the shape of the podcast to become by interviewing our good friend, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer, Nick Miller.  Nick has had decades of experience in the music scene, performing mostly guitar in many bands as well as singing lead vocals in his epic synth-rock duo Capa To The Sun.  We talk to Nick about how it wasn’t always easy to find people to play with; how a DTR and breakup text led to the formation of a new project; and how sometimes it only takes 5 minutes to make a band lineup.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast was recorded in November 2014, and since then Nick’s band The Astral Hero that is discussed has become Rara Avis.  You can find Rara Avis at

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Corecast #1 – Clifton Peotter (Part 2)

We’re on to Episode 1, part 2 of Clifton Peotter!  Clifton continues to talk about his experiences in his bands post “emo” phase, and where those experiences have led him to this point.  We hear about band breakups, solo projects, and even get a glimpse into his current musical endeavors.

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Corecast #1 – Clifton Peotter (Part 1)

Welcome to our inaugural episode of the 480 Corecast!  In this episode we’re going to get to know our hosts Clifton & Eric, as Eric interviews Clifton about his bands and upbringing in music and their involvement in the “480-core” music scene.  When you get two best friends in the room together reminiscing about the good ol’ days, you may go a little over time than you thought; so this podcast will be split into two parts. Enjoy some fun memories with part one of none other than our hosts!

*All music in this podcast is written and performed by your host Clifton Peotter*