Corecast #12: Clif & Eric – “Have you stopped listening to new music?” w/ Hayley Tracy


At one point in time, some song or band really impacted you and made you search out similar music.  Not all of us take the stuff on the radio spoon-fed to us by the big bad corporate stiffs – some venture further to their local music venues and record stores where they found the stuff that truly made them individual and different from their peers.  Fast forward 20 years later, and you’re taking a “meh” approach to all the new bands you hear, hoping to find that one special act that will hit you that same way you felt 20 years ago.  Is that fair to you, or is it just that truly all new music sucks?

Clif & Eric explore this topic on this week’s podcast joined by long-time friend and high school teacher Hayley Tracy, who sees firsthand every day how kids think new music is the absolute best, while the feels are not in place for us borderline adults.  Caution: although we do a lot of band name-dropping in this podcast, we really do wish the best to every musician out there trying to make it.  You do you, bro.

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