Corecast #11: Something Like December


This week on the Corecast we crammed into our little studio the most people it’s ever seen before – all the members of local AZ band Something Like December.  Clifton first saw this band on their recent CD release show, which was completely sold out – however Clifton & Eric have rubbed shoulders with frontman Austin Jones in the past, as he has been playing music since the tender age of nine.  The level of authenticity and honesty in these guys’ music and approach to their band was a great sight to see in the music scene.  Their debut EP is already blowing up, and people are discovering their music and drawing on this honesty they bring to the stage and in their songwriting.

We got to talk to the band about how Guitar Hero really can teach you actual guitar; how certain members hated each other for years before finally burying the hatchet; and how music as a business shouldn’t be over-stressed and how fans can feel when things are contrived.  Plus, Clif & Eric talk about how they almost met Jim Atkins from Jimmy Eat World, and how a music icon from their past gave one of them a personal call recently.  We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did making it!  Make sure to pick up Something Like December’s EP Convalescent on iTunes or at one of their upcoming shows, and follow them on Facebook here, so you can keep up to date on their journey.

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