Corecast #10: Hiram Hernandez of Hearts & Hands


We gushed about this dude in podcast #8, so we knew that we had to have him on one of our future episodes.  Hiram is a songwriter for Warner Music Group, producer, engineer, lead guitarist…the list goes on for this very talented and impressive individual.  In the few short years he’s moved to AZ, Hiram has had several songs featured in major publications, TV shows, commercials, and internet productions, as well as produced and released dozens of albums for bands across the country.  However, his back story is every bit as interesting as what he is doing now, and Clif & Eric had a good time getting to know this humble and thoughtful individual.

Listen as we talk to Hiram about his childhood and how it shaped who he is today; his recent endorsement with Ernie Ball guitars; and how an unfortunate turn of events led to him being in Hearts & Hands and shredding all along the way.  You can find Hiram in many different ways, but the best way is to contact him on Facebook and ask him how he can help record your band!  Also check out his band page Hearts & Hands, as they will be putting out new music soon as well as other announcements!

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