Corecast #9: Clif & Eric “10-Year Anniversaries”

2015-09-12 15.33.40

Think of your favorite band ever.  Like, ever.  What made you drawn to them?  What kept you a fan after all these years?  Do you still dance in your car listening to their songs?  Do you still share them with all your friends, even though they call you “old school?”  Now let me ask you….what if this band suddenly announced that they were coming back, and better than ever!  Would you be completely blown away, or would you be very worried?

Clifton and Eric talk this week on the podcast about what seems to be the growing trend of 10-year anniversary tours, bands on “indefinite hiatus” coming back from the ashes, and bands that never seemed to leave still making it happen.  What made some bands now what people call “nostalgia acts,” while other bands come and go so frequently they just tug at your heart strings?  And why do some bands only seem to be in it for the money?  Our hosts will talk about this phenomenon in our “hostful episode” this week.

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