Corecast #7: Rick Hale


Sometimes you’re just the kid at the party playing guitar in the corner, wishing that someone would notice you and your budding talent.  Other times the guitar gets brought to you and you receive requests before you can even tune the instrument.  The latter would be the truth for Rick Hale, singer/songwriter and AZ native who has put out 2 CD’s, successful music videos, and even got on a little hit show we like to call American Idol.

Rick talks about how he was just a young lad when he saw people jumping over the barriers at a Weezer concert; how being called out in junior high became a blessing and helped to hone his voice; and gave insight into his songwriting and where his songs and lyrics come from.  Rick is a great personality if you meet him in person, so hopefully some of that energy and integrity comes through in this podcast.  Check out his website Rick Hale Music to listen to his current CD (which you can also pick up on iTunes), watch his music videos including Descending, and get a feel for this amazing talent from our very own AZ.

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