Corecast #6: Steve Chilton of Psyko Steve Presents and The Rebel Lounge


This week’s Corecast is about a special man in the Arizona music industry – Steve Chilton of Psyko Steve Presents.  Steve has seen it all, from concert promotion to tour managing to venue ownership, and has a lot of good advice to give on our current music scene.  We talk to Steve about how he basically fell into concert promotion and had to learn the ropes after selling out his shows, how venue ownership isn’t always about location, and how bands can really get themselves noticed by just covering the basics.  We recorded this podcast at his venue The Rebel Lounge, so you will hear some noises in the background of machines and phones – just take it as the full podcast immersion experience!

You can, and should follow Steve on Twitter; tweet at him to let him know how the podcast went!  Also follow his websites and for all of his upcoming concert dates, and to get tickets to upcoming shows.  See you there!

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