Corecast #5 – Derek Hackman of The Breaking Pattern


Eric went and met a new person on this podcast – Derek Hackman of The Breaking Pattern!  Derek was a really nice guy who was really fun interviewing – Derek told us his stories of moving a lot as a child and finding guitar to pass the time; how college nearly drove him insane but resulted in forming his band Ezer; and how you may think you’ve had a “hell gig”, but his takes the cake.  Derek’s band is alive and thriving, and you should follow them on their social media to get updates on their upcoming concerts.  Follow them on Facebook here, and follow them on Instagram (as Derek directs) here.

Also, we’d like to give a big shout out to anyone who’s shared this podcast, downloaded it, subscribed to it, or continued to listen here on the website.  We appreciate your follow, and hope to give you good media in the future!  If you’re a band, artist, or anyone in the music scene and have a story to tell, let us know at

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